23 March 2010

Dancing With The Stars 03/22/10 Recap

Here are my Facebook status updates all in one place.


is wondering if Kate Gosslin ever doesn't look fake? Her smile aggravates me. And I hope Buzz makes it a few weeks. Idk why, but I do.

I ♥ Pam Anderson. Such a hot mess!!!


has Brenda Walsh always had such a big gap in her teeth? And that dress makes her look fat. Stay tuned for more commentary as the show continues...


has been saying it for many seasons now...they need to mute the damn singers with this band. Wow. Way to kill yet another song.

Haha SO just got the fact that he danced to Kiss From A Rose.
That vein in the middle of his forehead is gross.


♥ Louie and Neicy. Idk if that's how you spell it.


 finds it very boring when athletes dance. Well, except for the football guys. They're always good for a laugh. But the Olympians...yawn.

(At this point FB decides to be a douche and not give me exact times, it was between 9:00 and 10:00)

Buzz is just adorable. His wife on the other hand....

YAWN pop stars are as boring as Olympians.

Of course, the two hot messes are the last two to perform. HA I typed perporn without even thinking.

Her smile just REALLY pisses me off.

Is she wearing pants?
I have to say, her hair is the best it's been in a long time.
HA! Shopping cart.

And away we go...Pam Anderson just oozes trash. ♥

OMG Auntie Vi - LOVE HER!
Oh Pam, how I love you!
This guy - whatever his name was - her partner is freaking wondering when he is going to wake up. WOW can he have choreographed a smuttier dance?
PAM FOR THE WIN! Mirrored ball is hers!
...one of many balls she's had. Wait what?
Bruno!!! What a crack up!

If I bothered to vote, she would so get my votes!
Well, Buzz would get some too. Just too cute.

Well folks, that concludes tonight's commentary of Dancing With The Stars. I will be posting a recap on my blog tomorrow. Pam Anderson and Buzz Aldrin FTW.

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