23 March 2010

Dancing With The Stars 03/22/10 Recap

Here are my Facebook status updates all in one place.


is wondering if Kate Gosslin ever doesn't look fake? Her smile aggravates me. And I hope Buzz makes it a few weeks. Idk why, but I do.

I ♥ Pam Anderson. Such a hot mess!!!


has Brenda Walsh always had such a big gap in her teeth? And that dress makes her look fat. Stay tuned for more commentary as the show continues...


has been saying it for many seasons now...they need to mute the damn singers with this band. Wow. Way to kill yet another song.

Haha SO just got the fact that he danced to Kiss From A Rose.
That vein in the middle of his forehead is gross.


♥ Louie and Neicy. Idk if that's how you spell it.


 finds it very boring when athletes dance. Well, except for the football guys. They're always good for a laugh. But the Olympians...yawn.

(At this point FB decides to be a douche and not give me exact times, it was between 9:00 and 10:00)

Buzz is just adorable. His wife on the other hand....

YAWN pop stars are as boring as Olympians.

Of course, the two hot messes are the last two to perform. HA I typed perporn without even thinking.

Her smile just REALLY pisses me off.

Is she wearing pants?
I have to say, her hair is the best it's been in a long time.
HA! Shopping cart.

And away we go...Pam Anderson just oozes trash. ♥

OMG Auntie Vi - LOVE HER!
Oh Pam, how I love you!
This guy - whatever his name was - her partner is freaking wondering when he is going to wake up. WOW can he have choreographed a smuttier dance?
PAM FOR THE WIN! Mirrored ball is hers!
...one of many balls she's had. Wait what?
Bruno!!! What a crack up!

If I bothered to vote, she would so get my votes!
Well, Buzz would get some too. Just too cute.

Well folks, that concludes tonight's commentary of Dancing With The Stars. I will be posting a recap on my blog tomorrow. Pam Anderson and Buzz Aldrin FTW.

23 February 2010

Demonic Dentists

It has been longer then I had hoped since my last post. I think of things to write about constantly. Usually while I am driving or while I am in the shower though, making it hard to get the ideas down.

Yesterday I had another joyous meeting with my dentist. Something you should know about me is that I have an excessive fear of the dentist. I also have the same degree of fear with spiders, but that is off topic. I finally gave in and made this appointment due to two teeth giving me grief. My dentist, who I have no problems with as a person, she has been my dentist for 25 years now, becomes a demon when her mask goes on, so I avoid going until the pain is too much to bear. I got one of the teeth filled yesterday, and had hopes that, because of this torture, the pain would subside. How mistaken I was. I sit here now, over 24 hours later, and, while the pain has greatly decreased, it is still present. I can only hope this pain is due to the drill and needles that were mercilessly poked into my mouth, and not that the tooth is not fixed. At this appointment, I was informed that the other painful tooth needed a root canal or to be pulled. With no dental insurance, the extraction is by far the less expensive option. I have yet to make the decision though, I will procrastinate until the last possible moment. "Why not just get it done and over with?" you may ask. Well, my answer to that is...get off my back, Jack.

The Olympics are almost over. Thank goodness. I am sure I am in the minority with this opinion, but I find the Olympics terribly boring. While it makes me smile that Canada has gotten their first gold medal on home soil, in general, I stand by the opinion of "who cares". I'd much rather watch The Biggest Loser and SVU then watch random people skate, ski, or slalom. I know, I know - how unpatriotic. I apologize, but I just don't agree that it is necessarily patriotic to throw it in people's faces that we are better then every other country.

On to happier and calmer topics though.

I have been happily creating on the Cricut lately. Today I created note cards for a friend of mine. I pose this question to the few of you who read this. Would you like to see some of my creations on this blog? I do post them on my Facebook, but would be more then willing to post them here as well if anyone was interested in seeing them. Comment and let me know.

I just looked at the time and realized my crops are ready to be harvested.

I would like to finish each post with a question. Post a comment with your answer. You don't need to have an account to comment. The question for today is: What are your greatest fears? How do you cope with them?

Also, I know this blog is just starting out, but if you know of anyone who you think may enjoy reading the many random things that come out of my mind, please pass the link along to them. I hope in time to have my readers grow in number, and while I love all of you who I know, I would love to have my words and thoughts reach more.

15 February 2010

Love, Lions, and Losers...

Another Monday morning. As I sit here, I wonder how it has come so quickly. How does the weekend seem to go by so fast, while the week seems to go just a bit slower then a snail.

My morning routine is not a bad one. I start with feeding the cats, who I am sure I could simply leave a can of food and the can opener on the counter, and they would feed themselves, but it makes me look good to help them. After that, I make a cup of coffee, a recent addition to the morning routine after received a Keurig* as a gift. I then shuffle into the living room where I turn on the Weather Channel, get under the blanket I purchased in Disney World, and tend to my virtual worlds. Then it is time for the not so fun part of the morning - getting ready and going to work.

So now as my fish are fed, the tanks are cleaned, my farm is tended to, and the animals are content for the moment, I am left with a few minutes to post this entry.

As just mentioned, I watch the Weather Channel every morning. And every morning I wonder if these people own a mirror. The outfits they choose to wear make me want to close my eyes. I feel the need to move to Atlanta and become their fashion consultant. 

Another Valentines Day has come and gone. I always thought once I found someone to love, this day would mean more. Clearly, I was delusional. It is a Hallmark holiday that puts way too much pressure on relationships. Don't get me wrong, any day that presents and chocolate are involved is better then a day without. At the same time, it seems like it is just a day for us relationship-ed people to stick our tongues out at our single friends. It's like we're on the black top at recess, making faces and "nah-nah"ing our friends. I apologize to my single friends. And I shall give you half of my tator tots at lunch.

I would like to touch upon the Olympics. I will do that later. The clock seems to move way too quick in the mornings. And my coffee cup is empty, having just chugged that disgusting last sip that is always too cold and too sweet.

*How I love you, Keurig. Your hazelnut coffee is a wonderful way to start the day, and your golden french toast coffee is divine. Thank you for helping my morning get going.

10 February 2010

Customary first post.

So okay, first post, blah blah.

I will be using this blog as a sort of outlet for my crazy thoughts and ideas. Some may be ridiculous, but damn it it's my blog.

I am a mad fat girl. Sometimes angry mad, sometimes crazy mad.

I don't know what lies before me with this blog.