23 February 2010

Demonic Dentists

It has been longer then I had hoped since my last post. I think of things to write about constantly. Usually while I am driving or while I am in the shower though, making it hard to get the ideas down.

Yesterday I had another joyous meeting with my dentist. Something you should know about me is that I have an excessive fear of the dentist. I also have the same degree of fear with spiders, but that is off topic. I finally gave in and made this appointment due to two teeth giving me grief. My dentist, who I have no problems with as a person, she has been my dentist for 25 years now, becomes a demon when her mask goes on, so I avoid going until the pain is too much to bear. I got one of the teeth filled yesterday, and had hopes that, because of this torture, the pain would subside. How mistaken I was. I sit here now, over 24 hours later, and, while the pain has greatly decreased, it is still present. I can only hope this pain is due to the drill and needles that were mercilessly poked into my mouth, and not that the tooth is not fixed. At this appointment, I was informed that the other painful tooth needed a root canal or to be pulled. With no dental insurance, the extraction is by far the less expensive option. I have yet to make the decision though, I will procrastinate until the last possible moment. "Why not just get it done and over with?" you may ask. Well, my answer to that is...get off my back, Jack.

The Olympics are almost over. Thank goodness. I am sure I am in the minority with this opinion, but I find the Olympics terribly boring. While it makes me smile that Canada has gotten their first gold medal on home soil, in general, I stand by the opinion of "who cares". I'd much rather watch The Biggest Loser and SVU then watch random people skate, ski, or slalom. I know, I know - how unpatriotic. I apologize, but I just don't agree that it is necessarily patriotic to throw it in people's faces that we are better then every other country.

On to happier and calmer topics though.

I have been happily creating on the Cricut lately. Today I created note cards for a friend of mine. I pose this question to the few of you who read this. Would you like to see some of my creations on this blog? I do post them on my Facebook, but would be more then willing to post them here as well if anyone was interested in seeing them. Comment and let me know.

I just looked at the time and realized my crops are ready to be harvested.

I would like to finish each post with a question. Post a comment with your answer. You don't need to have an account to comment. The question for today is: What are your greatest fears? How do you cope with them?

Also, I know this blog is just starting out, but if you know of anyone who you think may enjoy reading the many random things that come out of my mind, please pass the link along to them. I hope in time to have my readers grow in number, and while I love all of you who I know, I would love to have my words and thoughts reach more.

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  1. hey girl, congrats on the new blog!

    i guess one of my biggest fears is that someone i love will stop loving me back. i don't know how to cope with it!